7 Mzansi celebrity feuds

The word “beef” is used in gossip tabloids more frequently than in McDonalds commercials when it comes to these celebrity rivals

Here are SA’s biggest celebrity enemies right now; it’s never too late to kiss and make up guys!

Pearl Thusi and Bonang

Pearl and Bonang’s feud began when Bonang was chosen for the Revlon deal over Pearl and the two have been throwing shade at one another since then.


Lexi and Loot Love

Lexi and Loot Love’s beef is relatively new and started towards the end of 2016 after an incident at a celebrity event. Lexi took to Twitter to vent but Loot has taken the higher road since then.


Khanyi Mbau and Pulane Lenkoe

Khanyi Mbau and Pulane had no real reason to cross paths until a fake Facebook page sparked a war between the two women. Khanyi slammed Pulane on Twitter for being “fake” following this incident.


DJ Warras and DJ Sbu (or Mzekezeke)
DJ Warras made headlines in 2016 after being caught in a bust up with Mzekezeke, Sbu’s alter ego. Let’s keep these guys out of the same room.



The Kanis and the Mdodas

Atandwa Kani and his new wife are not on speaking terms with his ex, Thembisa Mdoda and her sister Anele. The messy breakup between Atandwa and Thembisa led to plenty of mudslinging in local tabloids.


Euphonik and Bonang

Euphonik and Bonang’s toxic relationship came to an end a few years ago but the DJ keeps provoking and attacking the presenter on social media every time someone mentions their relationship.


Norma Gigaba and Buhle Mkhize

To be fair, if a woman (Buhle) claimed to sleep with my (Norma) husband, I don’t think we’d be the best of friends either. Buhle has done everything she can to get under the Gigaba’s skin including a series of open letters and outspoken posts.


Source ; All4 Women


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