10 Spiciest Celeb Clap Backs Of 2017

What is Twitter without celebrity clap backs? 2017b has been one of those years where celebrities went pound to pound with some out of line fans. Some of the clap backs are so savage that they made news. Check Out the following.

1. Pearl Thusi

She has been dubbed the ultimate clap back queen of black twitter! Media personality Pe Thusi is forever in Twar with ans and celebs. Her recent clap back which left many shocked started when a tweep named Dusty posted, “Pearl Thusi is vulgar. So unladylike” Pearl responded, “Ngifuz’unyoko”, which basically means, “I take after your mother”

2. Ntando Duma

Radio personality and actress Natndo Duma recently put a random person in line with a single tweet. The unfortunate brother tried to mock Ntando’s uploaded video, where she was twerking. Well we can confidently say he picked on the wrong girl.

3. Khanyi Mbau

She is one of the most talked about celebrities in the country. Khanyi has never let people’s opinions influence how she lives her colorful life. She gives as good as she takes. Khanyi is well known for sending her critics packing with serious clap backs.

4. Maps Maponyane

New to the family of clap backs is Maps Maponyane. After referring to one gentleman as an uncultured swine, he definitely deserves a spot in our top 10. We cannot wait to see what other punchlines he has in store for us.

5. Sizwe Dlomo

Better attack him when you have your facts right. He is the only celeb who has taken on Pearl Thusi and won. They had a little twar over the 100 Most Influential Young Africans list.After correcting Pearl on getting a fact wrongabout the list, Pearl told Dhlomo she did not ask for his input. In fact, he should have texted her the correction instead of “undermining” her on social media. “There’s nothing to fix there, ukhulume um’bhedo nje, finish. That’s why you even deleted it nawe, because uyazi. Being rude to me won’t help,” he hit back.

6. Somizi

Somizi is also one guy who does not go by public opinion. He is well known for putting those who want to impose their standards on his in their place. When they try to mock him on his English he reminds them of his bank account balance.

7. Nomzamo Mbatha

Media darling Nomzamo posted a picture of herself in a latex number with the caption: “Don’t look down.” One choreographer negatively said “You’re still wearing this dress from 2015. Nee gerl. Imagine I saw her with that same dress at some after party in Durban and on a few other occasions. Sies. That time it’s latex.” “This trolling thing has to have rules… 1. Know your Tax bracket,”Nomzamo clapped back, ouch!

8. Black Coffee

His wife came to awards wearing the same white dress she wore at her wedding, and the haters noticed and criticized her. Her husband, came to her defense, saying she should wear the lovely dress again if she chose to. “People are touched because you wore the same dress twice when you can afford another. Thank you for always always being you @enhlembali,” Black Coffee told his wife.

9. DJ Zinhle

A fan tweeted DJ Zinhle telling her that her mother loves the DJ and Zinhle responded sweetly as we know her to. And a troll just had to come in and mess it all up claiming that love is strong word but Zinhle clapped back: & you have too much time & data. ?

10. Thando Thabethe

After she announced she is leaving Generations The Legacy, one troll pointed out that she was now unemployed. Thando was not having any of the the trolling and swiftly shoved the hater back in his lane, by counting all her cheques.




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